Digital Funnels


Unlimited email and text support are only available within the paid month.

For scheduling purposes, sessions are held by phone on the same day simultaneously on a bi-weekly basis (every 2 weeks). For Example. Every other Wednesday at 2 pm.

Statement of Work:

  • Get your offer and offer positioning set to appeal to your target customer.
  • Build a funnel to market and sell that offer to your ideal customer.
  • Run ads into your funnel. Measure data.
  • Use data to make strategic changes to your funnel while
  • Continuing to run and test ads.
  • Repeat step #4 until the campaign is profitable. Then scale.
  • Bi-weekly coaching sessions 1hr per session
  • Around the clock guidance via text/email

This is a breakdown of the strategy:

Phase 1 Onboarding :

  • Add client information to Asana (pass-words to existing social media/platforms)
  • Add company as an admin to business manager
  • Add client permissions to Asana (Save all client info in specified folders)
  • Set up Billing/Invoicing Process
  • Set up Automated Calendar process for Clients
  • Set up Monthly Reporting process for Clients

Phase 2 Onboarding :

  • Create accounts a specific peer-peer platform, social media (linked in, Facebook, Instagram)
  • Research Audiences that are favored for the industry/business, or what the individual or business is looking for specifically
  • Get any images, ad copy, funnel copy, etc., needed for a successful campaign.
  • Begin Campaign Buildout

Prometheus Group will schedule weekly Campaign Review with the client through zoom:

ROI ad DELIVERABLES: Depending on the plan chosen.

For (Facebook / Instagram)

● Conversion-Focused Facebook Ad Strategy

● Management – Specifically designed to generate leads or sale

● Tracking & Analytics

● Ad Creative & Messaging Development

● 2 Campaigns

  • 5 ad sets plus in each, multiple creatives static image and video testing
  • That’s 10 plus audiences.

● A/B Split testing of ad creatives

● Development of one landing page/sales funnel with ongoing optimization for conversions

Note: Prometheus Group will need access to:

Business Manager Account as an Admin

Note: Prometheus Group Can Only Guarantee Effective Ads, Targeted Traffic & Clicks.

Prometheus Group Cannot Guarantee Sales, Leads, Profits Etc.

***********Does Not Include Ad Spend**************


Things I will need: ASAP.

  • Static images
  • Video Creative
  • All website logins
  • Business Manager access Admin
  • Pixel access
  • ETC.