Boat Wrap




Design & Install included

  • 1yr. Labor warranty
  • 2 yr. material warranty



Before you drop off your boat, make sure to wash it with soap and water 24 hrs prior. Do NOT use any type of wax or shine product. Simply washing your boat either by hand or at a drive-thru car wash with only soap and water before installation will suffice. Yes, wash it even if it is raining. If your boat arrives wet, that’s ok! We require that your boat be dropped off the day before installation. For after-hours drop-offs, please contact us so we can meet you for drop-off. This way, your boat has time to dry is secure, and temperature ready for installation the moment the installers arrive the next morning. Please leave all boat lockers unlocked. Wraps take many hours/days (depending on coverage and complexity) to install, so getting started right away is critical for getting you back on the road quickly and maintaining our strict install schedules.


For a successful install, the painted surfaces of your boat must be free of corrosion, oxidation, salt, and dirt. Any oxidation must be removed entirely by a professional detailer, or the wrap will not adhere to the boat. If your ship has a flawed, broken, or loose clear coat, we strongly caution that your wrap will have areas that do not stick to the boat because the vinyl is attached to the flaking clear coat. This creates “dead spots” or spots that do not adhere to the boat. Both oxidation & blemished clear coat is an immediate void of any warranty.

Previous decals and subsequent adhesive must be removed before installation can occur. Any additional re­moval of decals/adhesive or excessive cleaning of the boat will incur additional costs. The installer will wipe down the boat prior to installation with an isopropyl alcohol solution to remove any last specs of dirt or grease. Because we are not boat component/accessory experts, we ask that you remove as many things as you can, such as trolling motor, add-on lighting, or any accessories that you’d like the wrap to go behind. Please leave any components/accessories on the interior of the boat as we do not wrap inside the cockpit area.


Ideal boat installations occur between 65-75 degrees F and must be installed indoors. Keep in mind that boats must be at the temperature stated above to initiate the installation, so be aware that surfaces may take several hours to reach the optimum temperature required which is another reason why drop off is the day before; this is especially important when starting from extremes in cold. If the installation team is coming to your facility, be aware that the area provided must be climate controlled with a minimum of 5ft working distance around all sides of the boat. Wind and dust must be kept out to help the installation process go smoothly and keep any debris from getting under the wrap.





Wipe off immediately to avoid degrading the vinyl & adhesive. Then wash, rinse, and dry as soon as possible.


Wrap films (just like paint) are degraded by prolonged exposure to sun & atmospheric pollutants, particularly on hori­zontal surfaces (the parts that look up at the sun). Whenever possible, store your boat in a garage or in a shaded area during the day. At night, protect the boat from dew or rain, which may contain acidic pollutants (a common problem in many large metropolitan areas). When a garage is not available, consider using a cloth boat cover at night. If your wrap film starts to discolor or turn brown (which is caused by acidic pollution), immediately have a professional remove the wrap film from the boat to avoid staining the underlying paint.


A boat cover is a great way to keep any environmental pollutants and extra sun off of your wrap. However, cinching down or tightening the boat cover can abrade the wrap where the cover straps grind against the wrap with large amounts of pressure. Also, towing your boat with the cover on can damage the wrap due to the cover vibrating with high pressure and downforce. It is highly recommended that you tow without a cover. If so, tow at your own risk of wrap damage.



  • Before the vehicle is in Prometheus Group LLC.’ possession, it is the customer’s responsibility to make sure that all possessions of value are to be removed from the vehicle. However, all of our installers are of the highest integrity, Prometheus Group LLC. will not be responsible for any items missing from the vehicle.
  • You should expect quality installation by our expert installers. However, due to certain circumstances such as compound curves and other difficult installation areas Prometheus Group LLC. has the right to slightly modify the artwork to fit your project properly during final design prep, final print, and installation.
  • Prometheus Group LLC. main goal is to achieve a “Paint-Like” finish during installation and we do everything possible to see to that. However, we can­not guarantee against imperfections in the finished product such as occasional small bubbles or slight wrinkles in difficult areas. Areas that are considered difficult is any surface that is not completely flat. The wraps are installed by man and in these difficult areas, this is completely normal due to the materials’ limitations.
  • Over time, lifting and shrinking may occur on edges and difficult areas. This is rare but should be expected though we make every effort to prevent this.
  • After installation, the wrap will “set” over the next few days (72hrs), and during this time, you will see any installation errors come to the surface. If you see anything questionable, make sure to quickly communicate any concerns with your installer and have it fixed before the adhesive dries out as there isn’t much the installer can do after that period has passed. If you let any failures remain unfixed over an extended period of time (such as a month or more) then you’ve denied your installer the chance to make a repair while repairable. This is considered neglect, and you will be responsible for such repairs. If, after the wrap is completed, you notice areas that are of concern, please notify Prometheus Group LLC., LLC. IN WRITING, yes, e-mail is acceptable, with photos of the areas in question, and our installers will review the areas for appropriate repair options.
  • We will attempt to make up to (3) agreed upon attempts for you to bring the vehicle in question in for repairs. If you agree to the first appointment and cancel or are a no show, we will make a 2nd attempt to schedule a repair. If you agree to the (2nd) ap­pointment and cancel or no show once again, the 3rd and final attempted appointment will incur a charge of $100 to be charged at the time that the service is rendered. If you miss three appointments, we reserve the right to refuse further service. The installer may apply edge seal tape or patch the area if the vinyl is in bad enough condition in which it needs replacing, Prometheus Group LLC. will do so, no questions asked. It is up to Prometheus Group LLC., LLC. to determine if the vinyl will need to be replaced, patched, or sealed as long as it looks satisfactory from a 6’ viewing distance. It is also up to Prometheus Group LLC. to determine whether the vinyl’s problem is due to material fail­ure, natural causes, poor installation, or customer abuse. In the case of customer abuse or natural causes, the customer will be responsible for all fees associated with replacement.
  • We cannot accept responsibility for consequential damages or loss of any kind resulting from the sale, installation, or delivery of our wrap products. Though we do use the Knifeless Installation System, the wraps are applied using industry-standard instruments including but not limited to sharp cutting and trimming knives and heat guns and torches with high heat output. Prometheus Group LLC. will not be responsible for any damages that could occur while using any installation instruments/tools.
  • It is not reasonable to expect an inkjet-printed vinyl wrap to cover and look exactly like paint or in all the same places look ex­actly the same. A piece of vinyl has limits and can only stretch so much before it changes color and/or the adhesive fails. In some cases, a relief cut has to be made into the vinyl that will reveal a small amount of the original vehicle or watercraft’s paint color under the vinyl. In some cases, a well thought out, clean overlay needs to be installed to conceal the vehicle or watercraft’s original color. It is the only option. Areas under door handles, side mirrors, behind gas caps, and inside door frames will not be wrapped. If we wrap extremely curved surfaces such as side mirrors and bumpers, they may reveal the original paint color at the edges of the wrap. Wrapped side mirrors are not guaranteed to last. It has to do with material limitations and not install quality.
  • If we are installing at the client’s nominated location, suitable conditions must exist. The vehicle or watercraft needs to be in­doors, in a clean, dust-free temperature-controlled environment, with a power supply and good quality lighting. With a minimum of 5 feet working space around the entire vehicle or watercraft. If in the opinion of the senior installer on site, conditions are not suitable for a high-quality install of the wrap/graphics, the vehicle or watercraft will be required to go to one of Prometheus Group LLC.’ nomi­nated install locations.