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Shannon Self-Brown – Peachtree Corners, GA

November 11, 2019

I have worked with Joselyn Ponce since 2006 and for the past 13 years she and her team have done an excellent job cleaning my family home. Joselyn and her team are very reliable, thorough, and have an incredible work ethic. I have lived in 2 homes over the course of the time we have worked together, both are above 3000 square feet. Joselyn has completed deep cleanings for both homes at the time our family moved in, and then has maintained the cleanliness of the home through biweekly cleanings (2 times per month).

I have no doubt that Joselyn has very competitive prices, and that it would be difficult to find a team whose quality work would compare at this price point.
I have the utmost trust for Joselyn and her team. We are typically not home during their cleaning and we allow them to enter our home unsuperivised with no worries. We have never had any issues with security. They function in all the work with much integrity.

Joselyn is excellent with her communications. She always sends a communication to set up the time of the cleaning every 2 weeks and her team arrives on time. They are quick and efficient during their time cleaning the home. In 13 years, Joselyn has never asked to reschedule a cleaning except when the cleaning lands on a major holiday. She has also always accommodated me when I have asked her to change the date and time for any reason.

In sum, I offer Joselyn and her team my highest recommendation. At this point, I consider Joselyn as part of my core team, who greatly contributes to my quality of life given both my husband and I work full time, and have a very active teenage son. I have always been pleased to refer Joselyn and her services to my closest friends and neighbors. Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions.